Why did I get a message on Facebook Messenger or email from Abbey Pleviak?

We only allow current, paid members to be in the Members Only Facebook group. 

Abbey is a member of our customer support team, and she approves admissions into the group and removes people from the group if they no longer have a paid membership.

If you ask to join the group and do not use the name or email address we have on file for you, she might reach out to you for more information to confirm your identity.

in the past, we got behind in the removal process, so Abbey has been playing catch-up and removing members who no longer have active accounts. If you feel like you've been removed in error, you can always email support and we can look into this for you: support@suebryceeducation.com

If your name on Facebook does not match your name in your member profile, you might get a message from Abbey via Facebook Messenger or email asking for more information. 

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